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  1. Engvarta

    Top 5 English learning Application To Practice Spoken English

    You could feel confused if you're looking for apps to help you learn English. There are a number of apps available in App Stores . What criteria should you use to determine which English learning app are best for you? Our top five preferred apps for improving your English will assist you...
  2. Engvarta

    How can I answer questions in English?

    What is the best way for me to answer the questions in English?” If you've ever had this reaction during a discussion, take notes because we'll go over various examples, how to listen more actively, and how to respond to questions like a native English speaker. When you meeting someone for the...
  3. Engvarta

    3 Tips for Learning & Improving English

    Whether you are a foreign student or a native speaker, English skills can always be improved. There are many tried and true tips for learning English. These are three English tips that are often taught to the foreign language speakers coming into English. These tips not only help you learn...
  4. Engvarta

    Best English Learning App to Improve your English

    Have you ever been stuck while speaking in English and wished you had a simple tool to utilise instead of an old-fashioned dictionary? You probably did, and even if you didn't, knowing that there are lots of english learning apps you can download on your computer or smartphone to help you...
  5. Engvarta

    EngVarta is an English learning app to improve your spoken English. Remove Hesitation &amp...

    EngVarta is an English learning app to improve your spoken English. Remove Hesitation & Speak English Fluently by doing Daily English communication Practice with live English Experts.
  6. Engvarta

    Which is the best English learning app in India?

    Best English Learning App: Gone are the days when we had to wait for English classes to learn English. We no longer have to wait for English classes or learn through trial-and-error methods now that we have mobile phones in our hands and information at our fingertips. We provide you with the 5...
  7. Engvarta

    Ways to Say ‘OK’ in English

    Do you also say OK OK a lot? Stop saying “OK” or “Okay”. Learn different ways of saying “OK” in English. These are a couple of them! Learn these words and use them in your daily English conversation. Do you know any more synonyms of OK? Let us know in the comment section. Keep learning and...
  8. Engvarta

    How to improve spoken English at Home

    Do you want to improve your English communication skills at the comfort of your home? Let me tell you, there are various English Learning apps available online that can help you in improving your spoken English. To improve your English speaking skills online, you need a resource that actually...
  9. Engvarta

    What is another word for “nervous”?

    What is another word for “nervous”? Let’s check the synonyms below. #nervous #English #Language #Englishpracticeapp #words ##learnenglish #vocabulary #grammar #complaining #englishlesson #speakingenglish #englishphrases #englishlearning #synonyms
  10. Engvarta

    How to Remember English Vocabulary?

    There are many new learners who have a hard time remembering words in English. Well, memorizing new words is a huge obstacle to learning a new language, but obviously, it is not impossible. Many people have good command of English grammar and even make sure to learn new words every day, but...
  11. Engvarta

    Commonly used Telephone Phrasal Verbs ✍

    Commonly used Telephone Phrasal Verbs ✍ #telephonephrase #telephonephrasalverbs #English #englishpracticeapp #language #learnenglishonline
  12. Engvarta

    3 Smart Way To Improve Your Spoken English

    When asked what their goals are for language students, most people say "improve English speaking skills." When learning a foreign language, you will find that you are talking to teachers, restaurant waiters, taxi drivers, landlords and all kinds of native speakers. Therefore, it is important to...