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How well does your country's people speak English?

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Sep 23, 2020
The language school English First has published the results of its global survey of English proficiency. You can read the full report here.

How does your country fare in the survey? Do you think it is accurate?

The results are obviously not going to be perfect, but it does you some idea about how country's rank and it gives a good place to start to see why some countries may perform better than others.

What are some takeaways from the report? Here are some of the things which I find interesting:

- English ability has improved with technology and innovation
- Previously, women were better speakers than men, but this gap has tightened

For economies around the world, higher English proficiency correlates with higher gross domestic product, higher net income, and higher productivity
There is a correlation between English proficiency and a country’s service exports as well as the value added per worker in services.
We have found a consistently positive correlation between English proficiency and a range of indicators of human and economic development, including adjusted net income per capita.
The countries with the highest English proficiency in Europe are clustered in Scandinavia. School systems in these countries employ several key strategies, including an early focus on communication skills, daily exposure to English both in and outside the classroom, and career-specific language instruction in the final years of study, whether that is vocational school or university.
China has expanded English instruction to schools across the country, transitioned from memorization-driven to communication-driven teaching, reformed the national assessment tool, incentivized foreign-educated Chinese talent to return home, and invested in transforming its leading universities into world-class research institutions that publish in top English-language journals.