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Please read this before posting essays to be checked

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Sep 23, 2020
- Please include the full question you are answering, with the image if it has one.

- Make the question in bold, so you can see clearly see where is the question and where is the answer.

- Try to include at least part of the question in the post title, rather than just "IELTS task 1", so people will have a better idea what the post/essay is about.

- This is intended to be a quick review and I try to focus on the main grammatical errors. If you would like a more complete check/rewrite, please let me know.

- The scores are to be used just as a guide only.

- Feel free to follow up on the post and ask any questions. It is nice to get a "thank you" also if you found the feedback helpful.

- We are trying to build a community here, so it would be great if you could also post non-IELTS questions and comments in the General Discussion area.

- Please allow a day or so to get feedback. If your essay does not get feedback after a day or so, you can send me a PM. Thanks!
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