Studies suggest that many teenagers these days prefer socialising online to meeting one another in person.

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Jun 7, 2021
With the development of the technology, most teenagers enjoy communicating online instead of meeting directly in reality.Thus, it will happen the unwanted problems to tackle hard.

To my perspective, A vast majority young people want to communicate through the Internet. They are enable us to chat with many people like close friends , acquaintances even people are far far away from them through the social media platform without hanging out, especially they feel more comfortable and confident to start a story. For instance, The students are able to have a groups meeting for doing something by creating a call on Facebook or Twitter.In addition, the introverts , who concern about face to face communications that make them scared of talking to another person.So they socialise online that will support them to get in touch with friends within less fear.

Regarding meeting directly, during a online chat , it is able to happen many unwanted problems . Hence, it asks for the meeting in reality to solve these matters. For example, a lot of couple are in the long distant relationship in this age.Throughout their love time, The relationship can happen lots of argument that need to be dealt with immediately. As a result, they do have to prepare to meet one another in person to make it up with each other as well as to create the motivation to strive better for this relationship.

After all, online meetings help many introverts to be confident of open their mind with others . Nevertheless, The face-to-face communications are also vital to deal with the surrounding problems on the Social media.