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Task 2: Some cities create housing for growing populations by building taller buildings while other cities have opted to build on wider areas of land.

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Dec 28, 2020
Some cities create housing for growing populations by building taller buildings while other cities have opted to build on wider areas of land.

Which solution is better?

Some governments prefer building taller buildings to house their ever growing populations while others choose to build on vast acres of land. In my opinion, building taller buildings is more suitable as it saves space and decreases the need for deforestation.

Firstly, building taller buildings is the more environmentally friendly option since it does not require extensive deforestation of suburban landscape, like in case of building housing projects on wider areas of land. This results in preservation of greenery and the natural habitat of animals, and the animals, consequently, thrive and flourish. Moreover, it is easier and cheaper for governments to provide facilities, like electricity, water supply and gas supply, to more people living in close proximity than living over a wider area. For instance, governments are forced to invest in laying down wiring and in erection of high tension wires over long distances to supply electricity to people living in far flung areas. Furthermore, metropolitan cities that expand over a large area are harder to control for the governments. For example, more police force is to be deployed to cover all pockets of the city. Likewise, availability of daily necessities is to be ensured for all, including those living in the outskirts of such huge cities. All of these problems can be lessened, if not solved, by building vertically and concentrating the population to the city centres.

In addition to this, building modern tall buildings also improves the overall look and aesthetic of the city and looks pleasing to the eye of any visitor. For instance, the skylines of majority of widely considered beautiful cities of the world, like New York City, are mighty impressive. Building on wider areas of land also necessitates the need to build public transport connecting the outskirts of the city to the city centre which is an expensive and arduous task for any government. Therefore, building taller buildings and minimizing the expansion of cities should be the preference of all governments.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that housing people in taller buildings should be the approach that is adopted by every government as a city sprawled over a wide area is difficult to handle along with the deforestation that needs to take place in order to build it.