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UP phrasal verbs - with example sentences

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Sep 23, 2020
take up - start. I took up tennis last summer holidays.

give up - to quit. I gave up smoking after I got really sick.

make up - invent, lie about something. The story he told for being late was all made up.

show up - arrive, sometimes unexpectedly. He showed up to my party and I didn't even invite him.

set up - arrange, organize. You should arrive fifteen minutes before the meeting to set up your equipment.

keep up - continue at the same rate. I couldn't keep up with with the others when we went hiking, because I am so unfit.

blow up - explode, go viral. The video he took with his dog, blew up on Youtube.

get up - to get out of bed, wake up. I get up at about 7 am every day.

end up - eventually do or decide on something. We ended up staying home for the weekend because it was so cold.

pick up - to grasp a concept easily. He can pick up any new programming language in just a few days.

screw up - make a mistake (informal). My accountant screwed up my tax returns.

cheer up - make happier. We should help to cheer up mom, since she seems really down.

crack up - start laughing. I couldn't help cracking up when I watched that video.

hold up - wait. We were held up all morning because of heavy traffic.

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